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Welcome to Injector-tee.co.uk. We fabricate and supply Injector Tees to Boiler Manufacturers, Trade and Retail customers.
An Injector Tee is required to help separate and stabilise pumped heating and gravity (thermo-syphon) hot water systems, where both circuits are fed from a single pair of boiler feed and return unions - typically referred to as a 'C' Plan installation. This is common to many solid fuel or wood burning stove back boilers and heat storage type range cookers. The internal Injector creates a venturi effect and directs the flow of the pumped circuit to help eliminate backflow over the weaker gravity circuit.
We supply both Compression and End Feed Injector Tees in various sizes and configurations. All our products have been proven in the field and are fabricated using Fittings and Components manufactured to BS EN 1254 and or ES EN1057. Please see our Sales pages for details and pricing.

End Feed Tee Compression Tee Brazing a cone and nozzle End Feed Tee

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